Her Dog Did Something WEIRD Every Night While She Slept…Until She Found Out WHY!

Yeah, animals are strange. With no real way to communicate with each other (other than the obvious “I LOVE YOU PLEASE PET ME WHILE I LICK YOUR FACE”) we are, more often than not, forced to look at each other quizzically and just move on from any strange behavior. Fido, why did you just circle around my legs 4 times before laying on your back? I have no idea. I will probably never have any idea. But I trust that you did it for a reason, and I will rub your belly just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything important. I guess. THIS girl got a good look into her dog’s weird behavior, and it made everything stop and wonder if there was more to a dog’s brain than we thought…


Wow. This is why I love dogs! They are so smart – even if we can’t always tell. Some people don’t let the dogs sleep with them in their rooms at night, but after reading this I hope that everyone can get a smart dog! I’ve seen this kind of thing in the movies, where the family dog alerts everyone that the baby has stopped breathing, or the family dog senses a dangerous house fire and wakes everyone up just in the nick of time to run to safety…but this story is wonderful. Dogs really do have their own protective instinct, and I feel safer knowing that my dogs are (hopefully) always looking out for us the way that we do for them! Incredible.

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