Her Daughter Wouldn’t Stay In Her Car Seat. After This Deputy Helped Them Out, They Learned The TRAGIC News…

One night in March, Deputy Sheriff Carl Koontz died of a fatal gunshot wound just hours after he and other deputies served arrest and search warrants. As soon as they entered a mobile home, the subject struck Deputy Koontz and one other sheriff’s sergeant. As terrible as this was, stories are surfacing of the good that Deputy Koontz did for the community and those around him.

When his death was announced, one mother had a story to tell that was incredibly heartwarming! It has gone VIRAL in memory of Deputy Koontz, and in a way, his memory will continue to live on.


…he has a little boy and asked if this is what he had to look forward to, I laughed and said oh you have no idea!”


Unfortunately, Deputy Koontz will never see his son grow up, but with more stories like this surfacing, it’s clear that he would have been an excellent father! The story is sweet, and it’s gone VIRAL for a reason! This little girl might not remember the specifics of this encounter, but thanks to mom, she’ll be able to look back on this day and know that she was kept safe by a dedicated deputy who died tragically, and much too soon.

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