Her Daughter Was In The Hospital And Got An Unexpected Visitor!

Delylah was in the hospital and had missed the last days of 3rd grade as a result. She sat in her hospital bed, spending time with her service dog, Lulu, and wasn’t expecting much that day.

But when her 3rd grad teacher, Mr. Martinka, walked through the door, she couldn’t believe it! He had been her school advocate and adviser, and had given mom and dad updates on how their daughter had fared during each school day.

He walked in, and mom could see the instant change that it made. He had brought her a bag of presents! Of course he had brought a gift of beef jerky for Delylah and Lulu to share, but the most important gift he had brought was a yearbook. 

My heart melted. He had talked with the librarians who gathered some amazing books for her,” Mom, Barbara B. wrote on Facebook.

But the real heartwarming moment arrived when Mr. Martinka asked Delylah what her favorite part of 3rd grade had been. Her answer brought a tear to everyone’s eye.

She looked at him and ever so honestly said ‘Having you as a my teacher.'” Mom recalled.

Children often see more than we expect them to. He had been expecting an answer about her friends or maybe a favorite subject. Instead, she’d seen what had really mattered: the teachers that cared about her.

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