Her Daughter Was Humiliated By The Bus Driver In Front Of Everyone. Mom’s Response Is NOT What Other Parents Expected!

They say that you should never get between a mama bear and her cub. The fierce protective nature of a mother is just not something that anyone should ever mess with. While most mother’s would attempt to maul someone’s face off if they stood too close to their baby, there is a healthy dose of that protective instinct that resides in all parents. So when her daughter came home in tears because of something another adult did? This mom took a different approach.

When your daughter gets off the bus, embarrassed and in tears… As a mother, it is considered “normal” for me to want to protect her and come to her defense. Although, I am a woman who is led by the Holy Spirit, and peace, love and grace is what invades my heart.
Lexi (who is 14 years old) explained to me how the bus driver stopped the bus in the middle of her route and yelled at her for ten minutes in front of all the kids because she was sitting on her knees and braiding her friends hair. (Apparently, sitting on her knees is what infuriated the bus driver.)
The angry woman kept tearing Lexi down with words and her delivery was completely uncalled for.

After Lexi calmed down and we talked it through, I asked my daughter a question:

“Lexi, want to do something radical?”

“Sure!” Lexi replied.

“How about you respond to your bus driver in LOVE because she clearly is lacking it! All she knows is anger and frustration. How about tomorrow morning you present her with freshly baked cookies and a hug! You and I both know that she doesn’t “deserve” it. If anything, she owes you an apology. But after all, isn’t that what GRACE is all about?”

My precious daughter quickly replied, “Can we bake the cookies now?”

That next morning when Lexi handed her bus driver those cookies, the woman sat there in disbelief because she knew in her heart of heart’s that she over reacted in pure anger and foolishness. Yet Lexi humbly came to her, in love. Trust me when I say, those “cookies” spoke a million words in Lexi’s defense!

The bus driver asked Lexi, “Can I have a hug too?” … And just like that, PEACE entered in!


While many parents are praising this mother’s intuition, many more still want her to report the bus driver’s behavior. Should the girl have been seated unsafely in the seat? No. Should the bus driver have launched into a tirade and shamed the girl in front of everyone? Again, no. But the cookies were a good idea. It was an apology and an offer of forgiveness at the same time, and that is a sentiment that a simple bear could not have understood. This is what it is to be human. This mom gets it. 

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