Her Daughter TEXTED The Police Department With An Emergency Situation! Cop Gives WRONG Information!

Mary Draper’s young daughter knew that if she ever got into trouble and needed help, that she was to contact the police. She should find an officer if she became lost, and obey a policeman’s orders if she was in public…but what about if she was at home and needed help? The little girl knew that she could message the department on Facebook for help. She sent a message asking for help.

After the standard reply of “call 911 if this is an emergency,” an officer replied to the message…So, he tried his best to explain mathematics to the little girl…but he made a mistake when things got a little more complicated!He didn’t follow the order of operations and ended up giving her the wrong answer. Later that evening, Molly realized that her daughter had been chatting with the police about her homework! She posted the story on Facebook and the story went viral. But the officer’s wrong information was really obvious, and people began to tease the department!Oops! Good thing they don’t need to finish math problems to help the community! They tried their best and thought the entire exchange was precious, and thousands of people agreed! This is too cute.

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