Her Daughter Sat Next To A New Student, But When She Found He Couldn’t Speak English? Priceless.

Kimber Kinard was all too proud to share what her daughter, Amanda, had done for a new student at her school. The girl brought home a letter that she had written for the boy and wanted her mother to check it for grammatical errors. The story quickly unfolded and promptly melted Kinard’s heart.

Amanda realized that the boy in her class was sitting alone, and often looked very frustrated. She tried to strike up a conversation. He was the “new kid,” and she knew that it might help if he made a few friends…but to her dismay, the boy wasn’t able to speak any¬†English at all, only Spanish.

So, Amanda¬†sat down with her phone and used Google to translate a note for the boy. She wanted to give it to him before class, but also wanted to make sure that she hadn’t accidentally said something offensive! She brought the note home for mom to check over, and mom couldn’t help but share her daughter’s kindness with the world!11-1a8

The translated note:

Hello Rafael, would you like to sit with me today. Look for me and I show you where I am. We could be coloring or just telling scary stories. Thanks for your time. Signing, Amanda.”

Rafael’s mother was touched that Amanda would be so kind to her son, who she says is struggling to learn English and make friends.11-1a9Rafael says that he has never received a letter before, and is happy to have made a friend.

Meanwhile, people around the world have praised Kinard for raising such a sweet and considerate child.


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