Her Daughter Needed The Answer To A Security Question. Mom’s Answer Had Her In Tears!

Holly and her mother share a special relationship, and when they started sharing a bank account on top of it, things got complicated. Mom was in charge of the accounts, and as a result, made some pretty wild answers to the security questions. The answers were so wild, that her daughter was often forced to text mom and ask to be reminded of the answers.

Naturally, this got on mom’s nerves, but what could she do? The answers should have been obvious, mom thought…but her daughter just didn’t see it.

After getting locked out of their joint account again, Holly texted her mother asking the answer to the security question:

Which celebrity do you most resemble?”

Mom’s answer had her daughter in stitches.

Jennifer Aniston why do you keep messing up that? If you get locked out again I don’t have time to undo it tonight.” Mom said, completely serious.

Holly just stared at her phone, completely confused. She took screen shots and shared the comparison online with her friends, but they wanted to know how she couldn’t see it.

She’s the Filipino Jennifer Aniston why do you keep messing up that?” One user asked.

Holly asked mom to make more obvious choices in the future, but clearly, her mother could totally be Jennifer Aniston’s sister!

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