Her Daughter Needed Night Lights To Sleep…So Mom Made Them MAGICAL! Easy DIY Fairy Lights!

Getting kids to go to sleep and stay asleep is a huge challenge. In a perfect world, the kids would get ready for bed twenty minutes before bedtime. They wouldn’t want a hundred glasses of water. They wouldn’t want to go to the bathroom over and over. They wouldn’t want to be read all of the bedtime stories back to back. In a perfect world, they would be asleep by 8pm!

For one mom, getting her daughter to feel safe and comfortable enough to go to sleep at night meant using night lights…but she found a way to make them a little more magical! She gathered a few mason jars, white tissue paper, craft glue, fairy stickers, and battery operated tea lights!
First, she covered the mason jars with white craft glue and covered the entire surface with the tissue paper. Then, she stuck the fairy stickers to the inside of the mason jars to make it look like the little fairies were living happily inside of the jars. She decorated the tops of the mason jars with fake flowers and ribbons and placed the tea lights inside of the jars. If the tea lights have a setting that allows them to flicker, the fairies will appear to be moving about in the jars!
These playful fairy jars will definitely keep the nightmares away! You can find more details here!

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