Her Daughter Needed A Note To Excuse Her Tardiness At School. This Mama Held NOTHING Back!

Parenting is admittedly a lot different than it used to be, and as a result, parents are becoming more and more clever when it comes to “getting through” to their kids. ‘Go to your room’ isn’t that much of a punishment anymore, and getting ‘grounded’ is impossible with the extra curricular activities that affect a child’s grades…so, what is a parent to do? Nicole Poppic has the answer, and while most parents are applauding her efforts, some have held back and said that she has simply gone too far.9-27a2Initially, parents were proud of this mom for “fighting back” and not taking “back-talk,” but a few chimed in to argue the method. One commenter writes:

Setting boundaries and having punishments for breaking those boundaries is great parenting. Throwing a phone out of the window and posting your parenting decisions online is what some, including myself, find distasteful. If I don’t want my kids doing it (mocking me online or damaging property), I probably shouldn’t do it.”

And more chimed in to agree. But Poppic knows her daughter, and reported that the phone landed safely in a neighbor’s yard. She had been admonishing her daughter, telling her that being late made everyone late, including her two younger siblings. She told the teen that she needed to respect everyone else’s time…when she noticed that her daughter had popped her headphones in and was ignoring her by listening to loud music. That’s when she tossed the phone out of the window (and retrieved it on her way home, keeping it for four days as punishment).

What do you think about this unique method of discipline? What would YOU have done?


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