Her Daughter Left School To Find That Her Pedal Bike Had Been STOLEN! When They Found It Mangled In A Tree…The Local Police Wouldn’t Stand For It!

When Chela Navarro’s daughter tried to leave school after the final bell, she found an empty space where her bike had been chained up. She looked around, but it was quickly apparent that the bike had been cut free and stolen. Devastated, she walked home and told her mom the bad news.

Navarro wasn’t about to let her sweet little girl end the day on such a bad note. They decided to walk to a nearby second-hand store to pick out a few new books to read. Since the books were only $0.25 each, she would be able to get as many as she wanted!

That’s when they spotted something terrible wedged into a tree…


Her bike had been destroyed beyond repair. The back wheel had somehow been bent inwards, the tire popped, and the chain broken.4.12a21

One handle had been broken off, the brakes were cut, and the pedals were cracked. There was just no saving her bike!4.12a24They decided to call the police and report it. When the police arrived, they filed a report and took the bike out of the tree, giving what remained to the little girl.

Navarro took her daughter to the store to buy new books anyway, but even the new items couldn’t take away the hurt. Who could do something so cruel?

Think about it. Whoever it was went to an elementary school, unhooked what was clearly a little girl’s bike, destroyed it for no reason, and displayed it in a tree on the street where it would most likely be spotted by the very kid it belonged to. It’s sick.

But this story has a happy ending.4.12a25

While Navarro and her daughter were sitting down to dinner, they heard a knock at the door! It was that same policeman from earlier. He wanted her to know that he was sorry such a terrible thing had happened to such a nice person. It broke his heart to see how hurt she was, and wanted her to know that “…as long as you keep your faith in God, always know that he walks with us and don’t let anger and hate into your heart, good things will start to happen.”

In the end, her daughter was able to go to bed happy, even after such a horrible day! I’m glad that this story had a happy ending!

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