Her Daughter Is Escorted To Class Be The POLICE Every Day…But The Reason Is AMAZING!

Olivia, like most children, didn’t like school. Every morning, she would wake up and cry at the thought of having to go to class, and her father didn’t know how to make it better.

As we walked towards the front door of the building, often someone would have to take her from me as she sobbed in hysterics begging me to take her home.” He said.

Even getting her near the building was nearly impossible, but one day, everything changed. Officer Brian (the school children’s favorite officer) asked why she was so upset every day, and her dad explained that she was very afraid. She didn’t want to go to school.

Officer Brian turned to Olivia and asked if it would be alright for him to walk her to class. She looked at him, grabbed a hold of his hand, and willingly walked to class. He talks to her and makes her feel safe.10-4a18

Since that day, almost a week and a half ago, every single morning he stands and says hello to all the children and greets Liv with a big good morning smile and takes her by the hand and walks her to her class. She has stopped crying completely and is always happy to see her new friend. I am so very grateful for this police officer.”

The story has given Officer Brian a lot of recognition, and for one little girl, he has made going to school not such a scary thing after all.


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