Her Dad Was Reprimanded At The Stable After Giving This Horse The WORST Haircut Of Its Life!

When her dad called to chat, she got some concerning news. He’d just gotten back from volunteering at the stables, but he was upset about it. He told his daughter that he had gotten in trouble for cutting the hair of one of the horses being lodged there and that everyone had gotten mad at him. She was frustrated that anyone could be mad at her dad for helping keep the hair out of a horse’s face….until her mother sent a picture of “the evidence.”
This particular stable houses rescued horses, but also takes in horses that need to be boarded temporarily for a few people. Her parents keep a horses there, and whenever they visit, they help out in any way that they can. Her father explained that he saw this horse with long hair around his eyes and thought that he could rest easier if his hair was away from his face.

Unfortunately, he didn’t do that good of a job!

When the owners of the stable saw what he had done, they posted this notice to make sure that he knew not to take a pair of scissors anywhere near the horses again! Oops!

In the future, maybe he should just learn to braid.

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