Her Dad Was At Work When She Left For Prom…So She Re-Created The Moment Just For Him!

Lourdes M. has gotten to do something that many girls didn’t – she wore her prom dress twice!

Her father has a demanding work schedule and often misses important things. Working at any time of day and any day of the week means that holidays, birthdays, and other events…but this time, Lourdes knew that she could make it special somehow.

She decided to get dressed again and take her prom pictures as soon as her dad got home from work. She recreated her hair and makeup and put her dress on for a second time…all to take this sweet picture!She posted the picture on Twitter and people fell in love. This daughter knew that missing her prom pictures and the traditional send-off was an important event, and wanted to make it up to her hard-working dad. He posed with her, and the picture went viral.

People were touched at the amount of effort she put into making the afternoon special and wanted to know how her dad was handling his newfound fame.

When she told him he was famous? “Ok haha” Classic.

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