Her Dad Forgot To Pay The Rent For The Past 3 Months…And She Had No Way To Get The Money On Time. That’s When She Got THIS Phone Call!

We all need a helping hand sometimes. A lot of people are lucky to have family available to bail them out of trouble when they find themselves in a tight situation. Needing to borrow a little bit of money for a week or two until your next paycheck comes in, or using their shower when yours gets broken are all things that family will usually be happy to help with. But what if your family is the one that caused the trouble in the first place? What happens when family can’t bail you out of your problems? This girl was facing that very situation and had no where left to turn…


Wow! This man is amazing. He must have been in a similar situation when he was younger to have been so generous to this young woman. He understood that she didn’t know her rent wasn’t being paid. The fact that she offered to split the amount into payments showed that she was willing to work hard and make up for the mistake. It showed him that she had character and was willing to do whatever it took to dig herself out of the hole she had found herself in. This story is touching. We all need a helping hand sometimes!

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