Her Child Would Not Have Survived Without This Car Seat! Wait ‘Til You See How It SAVED A Life!

In many parts of the world, parents don’t buckle their children in the car, much less a car seat. While it may be the law, many parents just feel safer holding their children in the front seat or even piling them in the back. They don’t feel that a seat belt will make much of a difference, and authorities don’t enforce the laws as much as they should.

But in the United States, there are specific laws and regulations put in place based on a child’s weight and height, and for this, one mother can watch her child continue to grow up instead of visiting a grave every year.

A mom in Tacoma, Washington wants parents to know that it isn’t enough to have a car seat that faces the rear. The seat must be properly strapped in and level to really work.

She was driving her kids to school, 5-year-old Kolton and almost-2-year-old Hunter, when her truck hit a patch of black ice. The truck was swerving, and to avoid taking out another car, she swerved too quickly, rolled, and hit a tree.
This seat retails for $100 and is not a “nice” seat, but she wants everyone to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your children safe. Get the seats checked by a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) every time you have to take it out. It could save your child’s life. Hunter survived this terrible crash with only a broken femur. He very well could have died.Never take a child’s safety for granted. Even if it seems like a chore to get a seat checked by a technician, take it from this mom…your child’s safety is more important than anything else.

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