Her Child Was Acting Out In The Store Due To His Autism. One Cashier Saw Past It And Did Something Incredible!

Going grocery shopping with children can feel impossible sometimes. Like mother used to say, “I feel like I’m herding cats!” They want to see everything, they want to touch everything, and they want you to buy everything. They might not always cry, but they often come close as they watch their favorite cereal fade into the distance as you push the cart on to the milk and eggs and cheese. Sorry kids, but that $4 is going towards bread and peanut butter, not a half a box of Sugar O’s. One mom was faced with an even more difficult shopping experience when her son began acting out. The only difference is that he needed just a little bit more attention, and one cashier knew exactly how to help this mama out!


With a few kind words and a LOT of fun stickers, this cashier turned a frustrating shopping trip into a fun experience that put everyone into a better mood! Sometimes you just need a little bit of help, and a positive attitude can go a long way! There are plenty of cashiers who would have decided that it wasn’t any of their business to interfere with the child…but this one didn’t care! She wanted her customers to leave the store with a smile on their faces, and that’s exactly what she did! More people need to take a page from her book and learn to be kind in even the most difficult situations!

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