Her Child Had To Be Picked Up From Preschool. An Hour Later, She Gets THIS Picture.

Candice Curry found herself in a difficult position. Her 3-year-old son needed to be picked up from school, but the only person who could drive over and get him was her daughter. She assumed that they would simply go home and consider the rest of her daughter’s school day as over.

…and then mom checked her phone and saw this picture:Instead of going home with her little brother, her daughter went back to school and ask the professor if it was alright to bring the boy into class with her. He was sleepy, it was nap time, and he would probably sleep through the entire class. The teacher had no problems with the idea and was more than happy to accommodate the napping toddler.

I’m not sure on the legalities┬áhere or what kind of rules were broken but I also just don’t care. My sweet teenager helped her family out and returned to her other responsibility while snuggling her baby brother,” mom wrote.

She shared the story with her followers and fans who were touched by the sweet actions taken by everyone that day. Parents were quick to share their own stories – sometimes, life just happens, and it is up to everyone to pull together when it counts the most. As one teacher put it, “you never know what the day might hold!”

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