Her Cat Was Going In For A “Lion Cut.” What The Groomers Did Instead Is HORRIFYING.

Jin Jin was a fluffy Persian cat that regularly went in for grooming. With such long hair, his owner preferred for him to have a “lion cut,” where the fur on his body would be kept short and his face would be kept long, similar to a lion. But one day, Jin Jin’s owner couldn’t make it to the groomer and instead trusted the task to a good friend. The weather was very hot and humid, and the cat needed a shave as soon as possible to stay comfortable.But when she went to pick up Jin Jin from the groomer’s, she realized that there had been a TERRIBLE mistake! While she had described to her friend what a “lion cut” was, her friend didn’t tell the groomer that specific phrase, and instead tried to describe the style as she remembered it being told to her. “Shave his body and keep his face full.” That is exactly what the groomer did.

“He looks like he is wearing a cat mask!” She said.

Thankfully, the hair of a Persian grows back quickly, and within weeks, the outrageous hairstyle grew into something less terrifying. At first, they were horrified by what had been done to their cat (and Jin Jin was probably confused as to why everyone kept staring at him), but they got used to it within hours.

He was still their lovable pet, after all!

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