Her Cat Passed Away, But When Her Students Found Out, They Did Something Heartwarming!

Mrs. Andrews teaches at a high school in Texas, but one day, her cat passed away. Blondie had lived with her for 16 years and became sick very quickly. She was on her way to the ER with her beloved cat when the animal passed away in her arms. Her heart broke into a million pieces, as any animal-lover can imagine. These adorable pets hold a special place in their owner’s lives, and when they finally pass away, their absence can be devastating.

The distraught teacher spent the next day of classes crying and trying to move on, but her students wanted to help. The next day, her students got together and planned an incredible surprise for their sweet teacher.

When half of her class was absent after the tardy bell rang, Mrs. Andrews knew that something was happening, and when the missing students walked in with cupcakes and flowers, she was touched. She saw the girls holding two kittens and assumed that the class would play with them for a while to lift their spirits…

But then the student handed her one of the kittens.

“Are they mine?!” She gasps, holding her hands out for the adorable kittens. Her tears of sadness quickly turned into tears of joy.


While she will never forget the love of her precious Blondie, she can now begin to move on with the love of these new kittens who will help her to heal her broken heart.

The special moment was captured by another student, and her story is going viral. This sweet teacher is too cute!

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