Her Car Was Stolen From Her Driveway. The Next Day, Her Car Is Returned With An APOLOGY And $30!

Erin Hatzi woke up one morning to find that her car wasn’t in her driveway. She knew it must have been stolen and immediately filed a police report. Who would steal a car from a driveway?! Luckily, Hatzi had security footage of the theft…but the details didn’t add up.

In the strange footage, a woman casually walks up to the car, texting on her cell phone. She opens up the car and sits in the driveway for roughly 3 minutes, making phone calls and texting before starting the car and driving away. It wasn’t behavior that anyone would expect from a car thief!

The next afternoon, Hatzi’s car was stopped on the side of the street in front of her home. Police had just picked up a woman who had left the car and climbed out. Hatzi confirmed that it was her stolen car…but was shocked to find a note on the center console, complete with $30 in cash to pay for the gas that was used!

Hello, so sorry I stole your car. I sent my friend with my key to pick up my red subaru at [street name redacted] and she came back with your car. I did not see the car until this morning and I said, ‘that is not my car.’ There is some cash for gas and I more than apologize for the shock and upset this must have caused you. If you need to speak further, with me, I am [contact information redacted].
So so sorry for this mistake.”10-28a2

Police confirmed the woman’s story and explain that older model Subaru’s often have interchangeable keys.

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