Her Car Ran Out Of Gas. These Men Shocked Her So Much, She HAD To Share Her Story!

Mary Williams was leaving her job when her car unexpectedly ran out of gas. She was over half a mile from the nearest station, but didn’t have any other choice than to get out of her car and start pushing. It was slow going, but it was also a straight shot…that didn’t stop other motorists from angrily honking their horns as they passed.

No one stopped to help. No one stopped to offer her a ride to the gas station or if she needed anything as they blew past her.

Until a group of men appeared as if out of nowhere at all.

I don’t know where they came from, but all of a sudden I had almost a platoon of army men – they pushed my car.” She wrote on a Facebook post.

The men pushed her car down the stretch of road for over half a mile quickly and efficiently. When they arrived at the gas station, she asked to take a picture because she knew that the world could use the good news.

That wasn’t the end of the incredible story, though. ¬†an jumped out of his truck in his camo t-shirt and sunshades with a $100 bill in his hands…

12-5z1He offered the bill to the men and told them to go grab a bite to eat – they had earned it! But they declined and told him that they were just doing what they had been raised to do. So, he turned around to the pump and put gasoline in Mary’s car instead, telling her to keep the cash in her pocket.

Man, when you are or child of God no matter what obstacles are placed in your way the Lord always has a ram in the bush. I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart.” She wrote.

The post has been shared nearly half a million times due to the overwhelming kindness and helpfulness of the people around her. We can all use a bit of good news like this!


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