Her Car CRASHED Into His Yard On His Day Off, But Her Explanation Had Him Stumped!

Unexpected things happen to us everyday. In this guy’s case, he was expecting to spend his day off doing some yard work that had piled up over the past few weeks. It was a nice enough day and the clouds were giving him some nice shade to finish the chores he had started…when out of NOWHERE a woman crashed through his hedges and left huge tire tracks all over his lawn! What’s a guy to do but ask what had happened?!


At what point do we admit to ourselves that we should no longer be driving? In my grandma’s small town, she was able to drive up until she got “too tired” to go out on her own. Her eyesight was increasingly bad, but her family physician and her eye doctor kept renewing her approvals. Getting to the point in your life where one of things that defines your independence needs to be taken away can be tough…and in some situations, it might take a little more clarification to be sure that¬†everyone¬†is on the same page!

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