Her Car Broke Down On The Highway, She Nearly Cried When The Mechanic Gave The Total

Amanda Paterson was on her way to bring her daughter to a doctor’s appointment when her van started to act…strangely. The lights on the dashboard started blinking and suddenly, the vehicle shut off. She was on the freeway when it happened but was able to coast off onto the exit ramp safely and turn into a gas station nearby. It was stressful, and like anyone, she began to cry.

She needed to get her daughter to the appointment, but how would they make it home? Fixing a van would be expensive, but she didn’t have much choice in the matter. They were stranded.

But a friendly police officer came over to ask the distressed mother what was wrong, and what he did next is inspiring thousands.

He went to an auto shop down the road, came back said someone would be by to get me in a few minutes. So, this man shows up with a tow truck, got me and my daughter into the cab and got the van hooked up on the back. He was so kind to us.

The mechanic immediately got to work, and all Amanda could think about was the cost at the end of the day. He told her that it was the alternator and told her that he had a spare to change it. She agreed, but couldn’t help getting nervous at the mounting costs of repairs.9-21a2

After an hour, Amanda’s van was fixed and ready to go…but when she asked him for the total, he shocked her:

Nothing. Just get your baby girl to her appointment.”

She hadn’t told him where she was headed or when the appointment was. The officer had done that for her and made sure she would be taken care of.

After the ordeal, Amanda has something important to say to everyone who shared her story:

I now request all my friends please share so others know there are still amazing people out there and no matter how big or small pay it forward. Help me make someone else’s day a little better.”

Will you be paying it forward?


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