Her Brother Was Making Pancakes. After She Took This Picture, She Realized Why It Was So Important.

Klie Farmer owns a photography studio and knows how important it is to document the special moments in her client’s lives…but something that is equally important? Documenting the “mundane” moments too. People too easily slip into a routine and forget that some of those “boring” moments may end up being some of the most treasured.

My big brother surprised me yesterday morning by showing up at my house 12 hours away. This was only the second time I’ve seen him since our dad passed almost a year ago. Naturally, it didn’t take him long to find his way around my kitchen and start whipping us up some breakfast. I noticed he was making pancakes from scratch (something that I just cannot do), so I asked him for the recipe to add to my book. I got my camera out real quick to document our time together because well, why not? After he was finished, we sat down to eat and when I took that first bite, I was flooded with the memory of dad’s Sunday morning pancakes, a tradition at his house.

All I could do was smile and I guess in that moment my brother saw my smile and whispered, ‘Thanks dad.’ You see, I don’t have any photos of my dad whipping up his pancakes, only memories. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take the time to document the moments in which we live because we don’t get those moments back and before we know it, all we will have are the memories.”

She wanted to share the personal moment to remind people not to take the little things for granted. Family traditions become memories, but having a small reminder of that time spent together is priceless.

My hope is that people see the importance of taking the time to document their lives, even if it is something as routine as Sunday morning pancakes.”

How very right she is.

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