Her Arm Got Caught In The Metro Door, And A Woman Snatched Up Her Suitcase Trapped Outside!

The doors of the Metro don’t always react when they are obstructed. If an object is small enough, the doors don’t react like they should. They can be faulty, and this can lead to a few terrifying incidents that no one is every prepared to deal with. One woman found herself with a difficult choice – and no time to make the “right” call. Her arm was trapped, and everything she owned was on the other side of the door. If she let it go, she would be lost. If she held on, she would lose her arm.

“I was swapping trains on DC Metro today from yellow line to red line at roughly 5 pm. The door to the train closed on me as I was boarding and trapped my arm. I had the handle to my suitcase in my hand with my purse strapped to it. It (and my arm) were outside the train. A gentleman inside the train tried to pry the door open but it wouldn’t budge. So he pulled me in the train.

The door should have popped open because it was obstructed, but it did not.

A lady on the platform grabbed my suitcase and signaled through the window that she would hold it.

I was able to jerk my arm in the door as the train started to move. I went to the next station, got off and caught the train back to the previous station. There she was with my suitcase, my purse, my phone, my credit cards and my iPad. I literally hurled myself into her arms in relief. I offered to take her out to dinner or repay her in some way but she was so kind and said she realized I would have lost my arm had I not relinquished my belongings.

So share this and if anyone knows the tall African American woman, wearing a dark suit and a fabulous pearl necklace on the DC Metro red line platform who held on to all of my worldly possessions so I could yank my arm back into a moving train…hug her. She said it was no bother because she was just headed to the gym but she was an honest to goodness angel who showed great kindness to this stranger.”

Not a lot of people would have done that kindness for a stranger. Many would take the items and run, spending the cash and withdrawing as much money as they could before leaving an empty bag on the ground. But this stranger stood on that platform, just waiting to give the bag back. Perhaps she knew what it meant to lose everything and have to start all over again. Wherever she is, we hope that she is happy.

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