Her Adorable Dog Shoved Her Favorite Blanket Through Their Fence. She Caught Her.

Lana is an 8-month-old stray that was recently taken in by a loving woman named Suelen. There was a bit of an adjustment period, but once Lana learned to trust that her new home was indeed permanent, she really began to show her true colors. Lana is a considerate and cuddly pooch, and after the incident on a cold night, Suelen is convinced that Lana is the best dog on Earth.The weather was getting chilly, but instead of holing up in her dog house or cuddling inside with her new family, Lana (the kindest dog ever) dragged her favorite blanket out across the yard and shoved it halfway through a hole in the fence.

Lana had recognized a stray dog trying to stay warm, apparently the memory of being a stray still fresh on her mind, and she shared her blanket as much as she could.Suelen was inspired by her new dog’s kindness and began leaving food and water out for the stray. She has tried several times to coax the skittish stray into their yard to help find it a new home, but it still runs away any time she gets close.

My best four-legged friend reminded me of something so important: generosity!” Suelen wrote.

She hopes that the stray will begin to trust her soon and that she can help find him a home, too!

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