Her 9-Year-Old Son Wrote THIS Letter For Mother’s Day, But She Reveals The TRUTH Behind It.

For one mom this year, Mother’s Day was unforgettable. Many mothers around the country receive homemade gifts and crafts from their children, the iconic “breakfast in bed” (let’s not mention the state of the kitchen after one of these ordeals), or a day “off” (which is mostly impossible, but the gesture is nice).

This lucky mom received a letter than was two pages long from her 9-year-old son, and it was just so beautiful that she couldn’t keep it all to herself. She wanted others to know the truth behind the words, and how much it meant to her.
Her son was adopted, and he wanted her to know that he was thankful and grateful for her kindness…but the truth? She was eternally thankful for the opportunity to have adopted him in the first place.

Adoption is not a secret in our house, it’s a celebration. Little does our son understand how much more adoption was a gift to us, rather than from us. I’ll hold onto this letter for the rest of my life.” She wrote.

He thanked her for buying them fun treats like pizza and for playing basketball in the backyard with him. For a thousand little things that made each day worth it. He complimented her and thanked her for everything…

But in the end, she was the one who was grateful. He changed her life as much as she changed his. And that is a priceless gift to give and receive on Mother’s Day.

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