Her 6-Year-Old Son Wrote A Letter To His Dad Deployed Overseas…When She Reads It, She Can’t Hold Back The Tears!

It was just another hectic day for 6-year-old Connor’s mom. She had started the day, gotten her child to school, ran errands and came back just in time to pick her son up from kindergarten. Her life was busy. Her husband is deployed overseas and it is her job to love and raise their child while dad is away. It’s a hard job, and sometimes it can feel like the hardest thing in the world to come home to a house and be the only adult.

On our way home I hear his sweet, excited voice from the backseat say ‘Oh! Mommy! I have to show you something I made for daddy!’

He pulls out these two hands attached with yarn.

I said ‘What are these?’

He said ‘They’re for daddy, when he needs a hug!’

As I drove home, I cried. We are going to mail these to his daddy with this letter he wrote him.”


The letter reads:

“Dade thez r too hug you win yoou ned a hug. love Connor.”

In all of his sweet innocence, little Connor traced his own two hands that miss daddy so much. He colored them with his favorite colors and attached them to a long piece of yarn. When his dad opens up his letter, he will be able to receive a “hug” from his son. This is the sweetest project, and I’m so glad his mom decided to share it on Facebook! No wonder it’s going VIRAL! This is too precious.

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