He’d Never Wanted A Cat…But This Kitten Didn’t Give Him A Choice!

He’d never owned a cat. He’d never even considered owning a cat.

When his wife heard about a kitten that needed a loving home, he was still very skeptical. Having a pet didn’t seem worth it, but he decided to let the little furball into his home, and it completely changed his life!

When the kitten, Louie, arrived at their home, the first thing he did was hop up onto his new dad’s chest and snuggle into his face, rubbing his furry little nose all over the place. From that moment on, it was love.Louie instantly bonded with “dad,” and followed him everywhere that he went – even if it was just from the couch to the desk – and especially loved it when dad sat down to play games with his friends, snuggling onto his shoulders and falling asleep. 

Louie has been great. He’s super curious and affectionate. We’re looking forward to watching him grow up,” they said.

Welcoming the little kitten into their home was a huge decision that they didn’t realize would be so meaningful. They’d simply wanted to help a little kitten that needed a home, but in the end, this little kitten showed them how much love they had to give!

Even if he’d never owned a cat before, he didn’t regret it one bit!

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