Heckler Gets The BEST Surprise When Tennis Pro Decides To Give Him A Chance To “Do Better”

A friendly match at Wimbledon was interrupted by a loud heckler. The serious competition is known for its prestige, but every now and again, something happens that leaves the audience in stitches!

Kim Clijsters was shouted at by the man in green to “do a body serve” after she teased the audience by asking if she would serve left or right.

Do you think you can handle my serve?” She asked the man.

It was about to break all of the rules for a bit of fun, but as he stepped out onto the court to join the ladies, there was one rule she wouldn’t allow him to break…As per regulation, players are meant to wear all-white outfits, and the man clearly wasn’t in uniform! She ran to her duffel bag and grabbed a spare outfit, which he happily squeezed into!

I wasn’t leaving the court until I got to play against Kim Clijsters so did I pull them up? Absolutely, and I’d do it again!” He said.

The entire stadium erupted in laughter as he awaited the serve. He thanked her for the way she reacted and for going easy on him when she served – they were putting on a good show! – but it was clear who the professional was in the situation.

His three daughters were huge fans and getting to see dad play against their hero will be something that they remember for years to come!

Clijster let him keep the outfit. It will clearly never be the same.

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