Heartbroken After Their Dog Passed Away, Family Finds comfort In His Water Bowl Two Days Later

Bandit had been a loving member of the Callaghan family years, but after multiple surgeries, he passed away during his last procedure.

Bandit had been through three other homes before landing at the Callaghan residence, and while Bandit enjoyed a close relationship with dad, he was loved by everyone in the family. The family cherished Bandit and wish that they had met him sooner, but they know that he enjoyed life with them. He received love, food, treats, attention, long walks, bones, and all of the water he could hope to drink!

That’s why, when Bandit started to grow old and require more surgeries to ease his pain and live a longer life, the family was more than willing to help out. 10-26a4But during his most recent procedure, Bandit passed away. The family was heartbroken, especially mom and dad. But two days ago, mom received a sign from doggie heaven, letting her know that Bandit was happy.

Probably chasing rabbits through large fields with tall grass, munching on treats and chewing on bones, Bandit (probably) sent her this sign in the form of water in his doggie bowl two days later. (Probably.)10-26a5A smiling face, winking in happiness, leftover from a time when the family could cuddle up on the couch and watch movies together, or go for walks, or chase squirrels across the back yard.

It gave her comfort to see, and when her daughter shared it on Twitter, so did thousands of others who were mourning the loss of their own family pets.


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