Heartbreaking Photo Of Orphaned Child Comes With One Request: Send Rainbows

Little Robbie has been through a rough few months, but he is taking each day as it comes and looking towards the future. Nearly two months before this picture was taken, Robbie’s mother lost her battle with gasteoparisis and cystic fibrosis and passed away. Twenty days later, Robbie’s father followed his wife, dying of an overdose. But Robbie’s aunt, Crystal, stepped in as his legal guardian and was determined to give him the life he deserved.

One month after his father died, Robbie stood on the front porch of his new home during a rain shower in hopes of seeing a rainbow. In order to process the deaths of his parents, Robbie was told that they had gone “over the rainbow bridge,” and keeps a sharp eye out for rainbows. Robbie is autistic, and seeing rainbows help him to cope with the enormous changes that have come so suddenly into his life.

His aunt posted the picture and asked her friends for one simple thing: “rainbows.”

Robbie loves seeing pictures of rainbows from around the country and around the world. They comfort him in a way that is hard to replicate, and her plea has caused the hashtag #RainbowsForRobbie to allow people to send her rainbows for Robbie. She plans to make a scrapbook for him to look through when he is feeling sad.

Thousands of pictures poured in from everywhere – Crystal was stunned. She never imagined that she would be caring for her late sister’s son, but is glad to be helping him in any way that she can.

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