He Wrote 1,000 Letters Searching For Pen Pals Around The World!

Over the last five years, 9-year-old Toby Little has written over 1,000 letters and sent them around the world. He got the idea after reading a book called Letter to New Zealand, a book that follows the journey of mail after it has been dropped into the mailbox. He began his project four years ago and has since received 462 replies!When I was five, I decided that I wanted to find out lots about the world, so I started writing letters to somebody in every country in the world,” says Toby. “I started the project because I wanted to find out more about the world, help people understand each other better, and make the world a better place – and I still do! It’s really tricky to find people in every country, but lots of people have been helping me.”

Toby does a lot of research on each country before sending the letters and shares the responses he receives with the world! After reading about the hardships that everyday people face in smaller countries, he knew that he needed to do something to help. He started raising money for charity, specifically, a charity called Shelter Box that delivers equipment like shelter, tools, blankets, stoves, cooking utensils, and water purification systems to small villages.

He hopes to meet many more people throughout his life. This is just the beginning!

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