He Writes A Heartbreaking Letter To Drivers EVERYWHERE. What If This Was YOUR Relative In The Ambulance?

Have you known someone who needed to be transported by ambulance to the hospital? When an ambulance is called, we are always to assume that it is a life-or-death situation in progress and react accordingly. An ambulance is used when someone is unable to travel to the hospital on their own. They can’t ride normally in a car due to injury or complication. Maybe it is someone who has just suffered from a heart attack, or someone who has been in a horrific car accident and has just minutes before their complications become to severe to save their life. There are laws in place to help these emergency vehicles get to the hospital as fast as possible, but unfortunately, some people think that these laws are more “guidelines…” and in these such cases, “death” is usually the outcome.

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Due to thoughtlessness, this woman died. It is possible that getting to the hospital just minutes earlier may not have saved her life…but now it is too late to find out. She died that night because people refused to obey the traffic laws, thinking that their time was worth more than an ambulance with lights and sirens blaring, trying desperately to rush to the hospital with someone who had just minutes to live.

If this was your child, your brother, your best friend, or a parent, would you want to find out that their delay to the hospital, a place that could have saved their life…died because an impatient motorist decided not to follow the law? Think about it the next time you hear sirens. Your car may be the deciding factor between a child’s miraculous recovery…or a child’s devastating funeral.

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