He Wouldn’t Take Out The Trash When Mom Asked…So She Took To Social Media!

It can sometimes feel like kids have selective hearing. They will hear “I baked cookies” but not “it’s bed time!” Consistently. One mom was having trouble getting her son’s attention because he never seemed to hear her when she would ask him to do a chore. This time, he had let the trashcan get too full…but instead of barging into his room, she decided to get in touch with him in a different way.

Her son browses imgur, a website that displays the most popular pictures online. Different pictures are posted constantly, and she knew that if she could put something on the front page, he would definitely see it.

She took a picture with her phone and added a caption, telling her son to take out the trash. She doesn’t use his full name, but she knew that he would recognize their kitchen – and the overflowing trash can – and get the job done!6.28a30

Then, she added a plea to everyone on the site:

So my son has been lurking here and constantly has his nose in the phone reading and laughing at stuff here. He doesn’t hear me when I ask him to take the trash out. Help me get this to the front page please so maybe the trash will get taken out soon! Thank you!”

In glorious fashion, her picture was on the front page quickly, trending up and going viral as people commented on her clever parenting. And her filthy trashcan, of course.

Incredibly, her son came downstairs and took the trash out, giving her the opportunity to sweep, mop, and wash the trashcan now that it was empty.6.28a31

I even took off the stickers for that one person it bothered.” She added.

Her son was impressed that her very first post hit the front page so quickly! And the public was proud of her for finding a constructive way to communicate with her son.

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