He Woke Up Complaining Of Headaches After A Biking Accident And Nearly Dies! Mom Warns Parents Everywhere!

This is an issue that is clearly not taken seriously enough. 10-year-old Jaden was riding his bike without a helmet when he fell off and scraped his knee and elbow. He said he was fine, and after he was all bandaged up, he went about his day thinking that nothing was wrong. 

That was on Monday, March 21, 2016. Two days later, on Wednesday, March 23,2016, he woke up with a headache. He didn’t want to eat and was lethargic. Mom immediately knew that something was wrong. She checked his head and discovered the his right temple was soft and swollen. She wanted to take him to the hospital, and when he began to vomit on the drive, she knew that she had made the right decision.
5.5a7Once Jaden arrived at Saint Mary’s Children’s hospital a CT scan was done. The diagnosis was Right temporal fracture of the skull and right temporal epidural hematoma. The Doctors explained to me that my son need emergency surgery within the hour to try and save his life. The chances of him making it were a 50/50 chance.
Jaden underwent surgery and once they were in found the damage to be extensive.They preformed a Right frontotemporal craniotomy, removal of the epidural hematoma and had to place a wire mesh cranioplasty on his skull.The surgery was only supposed to take 1 1/2 hours, Jaden was in surgery for 2 1/2 hours.5.5a10We were told by the surgeon and other doctors that it was a miracle he survived.
5.5a8All other cases the kids never came out of surgery. On April 5th 2016 Jaden turned 11 with almost no permanent damage or disability. My family and I would like to thank the Trauma Surgical Team and PICU at Saint Mary’s Children’s hospital in West Palm Beach Florida.
I am telling you this in hopes to raise awareness for all children and adults why you need to wear a helmet. Help others be aware of the dangers of riding without the proper safety equipment. This can happen to anyone! The injuries my son had were equal to those in a motorcycle accident!
Please everyone share this post and pictures! You have my permission to repost and share.

And it all could have been avoided – the head injuries, at least – if he had been wearing a helmet. Her post has gone viral and has sparked a huge debate online.

Many people are commenting that her warning is, in their words, “silly.” They feel that if he had been wearing a helmet, he would have “gone even faster” and made his injuries worse. That “back when I was a kid, no one wore helmets and we’re all fine.”

But that attitude is exactly why she has posted his pictures. That yes, the people who left those dismissive comments may not have been injured, but no one ever thinks that it could happen to them. Just because it didn’t happen to a few people alive to comment on her post doesn’t mean that hundreds more aren’t alive to warn others to wear a helmet because this did happen to them, and they didn’t survive. She hopes that parents will learn from her story and take action to prevent more accidents like Jaden’s.

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