He Witnessed Something AMAZING In The Check-Out Line That Left The Other Customers In TEARS!

Every now and then, you get to witness something magical. A lot of times, it happens during the holiday season when most people are out trying to take advantage of the discounts in the stores and the liquidation sales. This has always been my favorite time to get the things on my list for a bargain…but some people need to use this time to buy essentials that they otherwise couldn’t afford. In this woman’s case, her kids needed new bedding, and she was prepared to spend all of her saved up money to do it…until this man stepped in!

So, my faith in humanity was restored last night while working my part-time job at a local Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I was in the process of ringing out a female customer who had a rough time of it recently in their life. She had been in the night before and was back again to determine what she could afford to purchase. She was trying to buy comforters for herself and her two young sons.

She had decided to purchase what she could afford last evening which was one comforter. She counted out all of the cash she had and then used her debit card to make the rest of the purchase.

A gentlemen, waiting to make his purchase, watched quietly and motioned to me as I was bagging up the comforter for the woman. He told me he wanted to buy everything else for her. I asked him if he was sure. He nodded.

I quickly and quietly rang out the rest of the purchases while I asked the female customer to wait a moment. The total came to over $200. The man provided me with his credit card without blinking. He signed and off he went.

I then told the female customer that all of the items were hers and she was checked out and ready to go. She stared at me with complete shock on her face. The the tears started. I started crying also.

In ten years of working this particular part-time job, I have NEVER witnessed such compassion and selflessness. There are good, no great, people in this world. And they do not receive the credit they should.

Thank you to this anonymous patron for bringing a bit of joy and relief into that female customer’s life AND for restoring my faith in humanity.

I can feel this woman’s relief when she realizes that her life just got so much easier! When you are that tight on your budget, an extra hundred dollars can be the difference between making it just one more month, or having to choose which utility bill gets shut off. This man might never understand how much his act of kindness impacted her life and the life of her children, but I hope that he has a really great day 🙂

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