He Went To The Airport With No Shoes On And Shared This Powerful Message

Bryan Hodgson was on his way to the airport when he decided to stop and grab a quick cup of coffee before starting his trip. He had no idea that his decision would change his outlook on life so completely.

He was in line at Starbucks to grab a drink when he realized that the person in front of him had no shoes on. The man was homeless, and as he got to the counter, he counted out all of his change and was able to afford a banana and a drink for breakfast. While the man was gathering his items, he managed to spill a bit of coffee onto the ground. Immediately, he grabbed a few napkins and got onto the ground to wipe it up, saying “I would hate for someone to step in this.” Hodgson was stunned.

The man with no shoes on was worried that someone else with shoes on might step in his mess.” Hodgson wrote.

He followed the man and asked if he had any shoes. The man admitted that someone had stolen them overnight, explaining that it was just “the life of a homeless man.”

I asked what size he wore and he said 11…I told him I’m a 14 but would give him my shoes if he wanted. He didn’t even think about it..didn’t matter what size.”

The man was crying, grateful for the kindness, and wanted to know if it was really okay to take the shoes.

Here I am with two more pairs in my luggage for a 4 day trip. I am not saying this for a pat on the back…but to bring awareness that there are good people out there who need help. Everyone has a story.”

He hopes that sharing his good deed will inspire others to do the same.

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