He Went Missing 10 Years Ago. After Surviving A Wildfire, He Found His Way Back Home!

In 2004, the Thompson family adopted a kitten. They named him Pilot, and he was a joy to be around. He loved playing with the children, he loved to take baths, and he loved to follow everyone around. He was always ready for an adventure…but his adventure came much too soon. Three years after finding his home with the family, he went missing. Even though Pilot had a microchip and a collar, he was simply gone.

They searched and searched but had no luck finding their missing family member. Eventually, they had to move on and hoped that their long lost Pilot would find a happy life somehow.

Ten years after discovering that he’d disappeared, the family received a phone call! A veterinarian had scanned the microchip of a badly burned elderly cat…it was Pilot!He had been living in California and had been injured in the wildfires. A kind stranger found him and took him to receive treatment where they were able to scan his microchip and discover that he’d been missing for ten years.

For two weeks, the vet estimated, Pilot had survived amidst the fires, sustaining various burns and injuries and somehow surviving on practically nothing. He was dehydrated and starving, but he hadn’t given up on life.One of the family members flew from their home in Colorado all the way to California to meet him! It was as if he’d never left. Pilot recognized his human sister…and began the long road to recovery, home at last!

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