He Went For A Run To Ask Her To Prom! His GPS Did All Of The Talking!

Claire Short and several friends all use a running app called Strava to log their runs. Joran Fuller uses the app too, and after seeing other users making art by biking or running along specific streets, he got a crazy idea! He planned out a 5.5 mile run in order to ask a very important question. He had seen others create pictures or shapes, but he hadn’t seen anyone try to spell out words.

He put on his running shoes, turned on his app…and got running! He spelled out the question: “Prom?” He added a description with his run that simple said “Hey Claire.”
Claire hadn’t been feeling well that day, and Joran brought her some of her favorite food to help her feel better…that’s when he told her to check the app.

And of course she accepted!She posted the adorable picture on Twitter where it was an instant hit! People are sharing it left and right, remembering their own “promposals” and recalling some of the worst! What is it about prom that makes people so flustered?

We love this story!

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