He Watches His Girlfriend’s Tortoise For The Weekend And Posts Pictures Of Their Misadventures

When she left her pet tortoise in his hands, she had simple instructions: “keep him out of trouble!” Of course, with instructions like this, he needed to do something crazy! He took the tortoise on some ridiculous adventures, and the images went viral instantly.

First, they had to kick off their celebrations with a nice, relaxing drive around town…”hold my beer!” The tortoise yells as he swerves around the parking lot, attempting to make donuts and ruin the boyfriend’s tires. Blasting really loud music that would wake the neighbors if it wasn’t 2:30 in the afternoon. (Probably.) 11-10a11Then, he needed a pure calcium fix! Gotta keep that shell in perfect condition…ain’t nobody got time to drink milk! This rolled up parking ticket should work just fine. (Again, probably.)11-10a12The day is winding down…time to relax! This turtle had some curious tastes…and this boyfriend didn’t try very hard to keep this pet tortoise out of trouble! It was reported that it took over 3 hours for the little guy to type out his search in Google. He kept stepping on the wrong keys…and the backspace was so far away!11-10a13The images made people chuckle, and if seeing the silly adventures of a rogue pet brings a smile to your face, be sure to share him with your friends! Everybody needs a good laugh once in a while!


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