He Watched As A Kid Almost Missed His Bus…Because He Was Too Busy Helping A Homeless Man On The Side Of The Street!

Many of us are too preoccupied with our own lives to truly notice anyone else around us. This is especially true when we are out in public. We tend not to interact with strangers unless we absolutely have to. Running errands, traveling on public buses, standing in line at the bank, or even ordering food at a register…unless we are forced into it, we talk to the people around us as little as possible. The trend is even more common among the younger generation…or so we thought.


Not all Baltimore youth are lost!!”


More and more stories like this are popping up all over. The internet is covered in these awesome photos and captions! This young man took the time out of his day to pray over an exhausted man…at the risk of missing his bus! The man who took this photo knew a special moment when he saw it, and over 35,000 people agree with him!

This photo is going VIRAL because it shows us that the youth do care about those around them. There is hope for the future. Even though technology makes it easier and easier to hole up in our homes and never leave the house, people still care about each other. And it’s heartwarming to see!

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