He Wasn’t Worried When He Couldn’t Find His Wallet, But Was Stunned When It Turned Up In The MAIL!

After losing his wallet, Beau Collins wasn’t too worried about it. His young daughter frequently hid things about the house only for them to turn up randomly later, as many parents are familiar with. Spare keys, sunglasses, even phones aren’t off-limits to an adventurous child. As weeks passed, he assumed that she had just hidden it extremely well…until he received it unexpectedly in the mail!

The man from Australia was stunned to open the mysterious package only to find his missing wallet and a note tucked inside. 

Hello Beau,

Found your wallet on the freeway. Sending back to you how I found it. Sorry you lost it.

Take care,

God Bless”

He was stunned…and didn’t want the gesture to go unnoticed. The person hadn’t included a return address of even a name, but he knew that posting it on social media would be his best shot at saying “thank you.” For someone to return the wallet completely untouched was nearly unbelievable.

He hopes that the person will see their package across their Facebook feed and reach out so that he can finally thank them! Hopefully, he’ll find them…

But more people think that the person won’t, choosing to stay anonymous for a reason. In any case, the story was inspiring to thousands, and even if he never finds out who sent his wallet back to him, it at least brightened the days of everyone who saw the story!

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