He Wasn’t In A Hurry, But He Repaid This Woman’s Act Of Kindness INSTANTLY!

The assistant principal of South Albany High School in Oregon is going viral, and not because the Ducks were playing that day (just about everyone was wearing their green polos and white caps!), but because of a small act of kindness that was witnessed one afternoon!

Erin Smith, a permanent makeup artist was in line at her local Safeway when something inspiring happened. A woman was standing in the line next to her with a modest collection of items waiting to be checked out when she noticed the man who was in line behind her. He only had a handful of items, so she offered for him to cut in line.

His response brought a smile to everyone’s face!9-15a2He offered to pay for her groceries in exchange for the kind gesture, and Smith just had to take a quick photo to capture the stunned and grateful faces of the woman and cashier!

The post quickly went viral, and people commenting on the viral story were falling in love with the kind and thoughtful gentleman, and many more were trying to decide if he was wearing a wedding ring! People began sharing their own stories in witnessing someone paying for their groceries when they offered for someone to cut the line, and hundreds of people were inspired to do the same in their own communities.

B. Simon put it best:

I’m glad there are still good people in this world.”

We agree!

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