He Was Welcomed To America…And Promptly Lost His Wallet Containing $3,000. Uber Saved The Day!

Within hours, a brave man lost his wallet that had $3,000 tucked away inside. The money was everything he had made in Ukraine. The man had sold his business and most of his belongings in order to make the move, and it was all that he had to his name. What a way to start a new life in a new country!7.28a6

He was picked up from O-Hare International Airport by an Uber driver, Jose Figueroa (pictured on the left), and told the driver all about his excitement at being in a new country. He explained that he had put everything into this move; selling his belongings, his business, and was planning to move in with his sister while he found his own place and started over.

Figueroa dropped the man off and went about his day. But he saw the wallet and felt the strong temptation to just keep it. There was a lot of money inside, but…he just couldn’t do it.

“Me being a Christian, I couldn’t. I wanted to make sure I sleep well, so that’s what I did. I returned the money and the wallet.”

When Figueroa knocked on the door, the man’s sister opened it and immediately started crying. Their prayers had been answered. They insisted that Figueroa stay for dinner, and the man offered him $100 as a reward for his kindness.

Sometimes, it pays to do the right thing. Figueroa will be “sleeping well” for many nights to come.

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