He Was Using Uber To Run A Quick Errand, But The Uber Driver Had A BETTER Idea!

Daniel Green needed to return his old cable equipment to a specific location, something a lot of us are familiar with. The only difference was that he needed to get it done before work, and the cable office was over 20 minutes in the wrong direction.

My driver was a (presumably) Muslim guy named Ali, and after I got in I explained that I would just be dropping something off, and once we got there would he mind waiting, keeping the meter running and then driving me back to my apartment?

“Why don’t I just drop it off for you? That way it’s easier for you, right?”

Green was stunned at the offer and accepted it with only a little caution, wondering how he could track the equipment if the driver ended up bailing.

Incredibly, he receives an email from his old cable company 20 minutes later confirming the return and thanking “Daniel Green” for stopping by. Immediately after that, he receives a receipt from Uber only charging him for half of the trip. Then, he sees a text from Ali containing a picture of the receipt from the cable company, not knowing if they would have confirmed the transaction.

Because he didn’t know they would email me, and because he’s apparently the most conscientious person in America.”


The tale of Ali the Uber driver has spread far and wide, and people are happy to share the story even further.

He saved me over twenty bucks (out of his own pocket) and half an hour on my way to work. My wife marveled, “I don’t understand what was in it for him.” I don’t either – but I think I just got a little glimpse into what ACTUALLY makes this country great.”

What do you think of this awesome story?


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