He Was Tired Of People Asking The Same Questions About His Height. He Now Has Business Cards!

Logan, a 17-year-old student in Holly Spring, NC, had just been asked – yet again – how tall he was by his new project partner, Heather. At only 5 feet tall herself, she was stunned at the teen towering over her and expected a simple answer. But what she didn’t expect was for the boy to reach for his wallet and pull out a business card, handing it to her without saying a word.

Heather was so impressed at the gesture, she immediately took a picture and shared it on social media, where people praised his genius idea and considered doing the same for common questions!

10-12a18Logan was tired of being asked (sometimes up to 10 times a day!) about his height and hearing the typical jokes made about it, so he spent $10 to have 100 business cards made, answering frequently asked questions about his height.
10-12a17It also brought the topic to light, with many people sharing that while they don’t mind the observations, they really are tired of repeating their height to curious strangers multiple times a day.

What do you think about this guy’s business card idea? Some have criticized it, saying that it seems passive-aggressive and unnecessary…but others (who are probably just as tall) say that this guy has the right idea! What do YOU think about this teen’s way of handling personal questions? Love it, or hate it?


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