He Was Tasked With Dog-Sitting His Aunt’s Adorable Pup. THIS Was Her List Of Demands!

Tommy agreed to watch his aunt’s dog while she was away, but never expected to get such a detailed explanation of how best to take care of his aunt’s “Beautiful Girl,” Pepper. Some people would leave a feeding schedule and just assume that their dog will be taken outside to use the bathroom and be able to fend for themselves the rest of the time. After all, most dogs are self-sufficient…but his aunt clearly had other ideas!Along with feeding instructions, he received a detailed list of how to play with Pepper, how to care for Pepper, how to entertain Pepper, and even how to show affection to Pepper! She didn’t leave anything out! She even included a list of toys to use when playing with Pepper.

Instead of assuming that her nephew had common sense, she decided to spell out exactly how not to interact with Pepper, too. Just in case.Instead of being offended that his aunt thought he might even kick a dog, he posted the list on Twitter. The amount of effort his aunt had put into the care of her most precious pet was too much to pass up! She even picked out an adorable font to use for the “Do’s and Dont’s.”

The internet demanded that his aunt create a Twitter account for Pepper – they needed more!

How cute is this dog?

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