He Was Skeptical When This Little Girl Wanted To Return ALL Of Her Birthday Gifts. The Truth Left The Cashier In TEARS!

What would you think if a little girl came into a store to return ALL of her birthday gifts? Would you think that her parents were pressuring her? Maybe you would think that her parents have wasted money on someone who didn’t appreciate a gift. This store clerk couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized why this little girl really wanted to exchange her gifts for cash…

I’ve been staring at the white walls of the video game store for about 2 hours since lunch. It was a very slow day, I glanced at the tables in front of the store, and my heart ached. It was the donation table for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda that wretched my country and even though I have donated what I can, I still feel sad whenever I saw the people on the TV suffering.

I was broken out of my thoughts when the doors jingled open. Customers, finally!

She was a small girl, about 10 or 11 and a pink Hello Kitty backpack was at her small back. Her mother was accompanying her, a few plastic bags in tow. I recognized her mom. When I was selling cigarettes on the street, I see her peddling clothes she made herself on her stall at the market. She now has her own online shop and is making a name for herself.

The daughter just had a birthday and her mom finally had enough money to buy a PS3 and some games.

The girl half-jogged, half-skipped to my counter. She opened her backpack and pulled out a console. Her mom handed me the bag full of games.

“Can I return this?” She asked.

“Sure sweetie, no problem.” I inspected at the console and the games, and nothing was opened. Per policy, I returned the money to the mom. She handed the money to the girl, and she ran off as fast as her little feet can take her. I was about to ask where she was going when the mom, seeing my expression, explained.

“She wants to sell her birthday gift, so she can donate to the victims.”

I honestly teared up a bit there. She was willing to give up what was supposed to be hers and gave to those in need. That’s real generosity out there.

While I was watching her talking to the girl at the donations table, I was reminded that even though there are a lot of selfish jerks in the world, there’s always a person just like that little girl and I was happy.

While this little girl truly understood what it meant to help out people in need, others don’t seem to have learned such a lesson. We have so much to be thankful for in the world, and too often we take what we have for granted. If you are able to eat a meal for dinner tonight, remember that there are many in the world who will go to bed hungry. When you get angry about the traffic on the freeway, remember that there are many out there who don’t have a job to be late to. Being thankful is a lesson that gets harder and harder to remember as we grow older. We can all learn from the generosity of this little girl and be more grateful in our everyday lives!

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