He Was SICK Of His Popcorn Ceilings And Discovered A CLEAN Way To Get Rid Of Them, Once And For All!

Popcorn ceilings. The bane of anyone who lives in a house that was built between the 50’s and 80’s! These textured ceilings were extremely common in most homes, and many of the “popcorn” recipes contained asbestos. They are messy, dated, and hard to clean. They accumulate dust and can cause problems when they get wet as they might fall down, leaving large gaps in the texture.

The only way to remove these without causing a huge mess is to wet the texture and scrape it off, leaving it to fall to the ground in sopping chunks, or to hire a professional if asbestos was used in the construction.

One man had enough! After testing his ceiling for asbestos, he had an idea…that turned out to be the easiest way to remove a popcorn ceiling!

First, he got out his industrial sized vacuum and pointed the exhaust outside.


Next, he duct-taped a paint scraper to the underside of the vacuum. It looks simple enough…but will it work? Or is he crazy?


Amazingly, it worked! He was able to clear an entire room in just a few minutes, and all of the mess was stuck in the vacuum and NOT on his pristine white carpet!


Would you try this at home? I think I might at least wear a mask…and definitely check for asbestos, first! If anything, stick to hiring a professional if you have any doubts. But this is a neat trick!

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